Monday, February 26, 2007

Sam's Birthday & Update

Hi Blog Fans,

Once again my fingers haven't didn't anything on my blog for a long time. Since then We've been skiing in France and Sam's managed to reach the milestone of being 1 year old.

All of the boys and girls went skiing to Morzine this year in les portes de solei ski region, the biggest in the world. We hired a 5 star lodge which was absolutely amazing, especially the outside Sauna :-). We had 3 days of glorious sunshine and a couple of dodgy days. All in all I managed 4.5 days skiing which was my target so mission accomplished. I also got to spend some time with my sister Ann and of course my lovely family. There were some other guys and girls there also I spoke to now and again between bathing and feeding Sam. All in all it was a great week and I can't wait for the next one in 2009.

Last week on the 21st Feb my son became 1 year old. I'm amazed he has manged to make it this far having me as a Dad, but it seems that he is normal and is growing well. Estelle baked a cake for him on the Wednesday so he could have it with his friends in the Nursery. I was in London during his birthday week on an SAP course, incidentally I managed to go and see two musicals, The Lion King and Mary Poppins. On the Saturday we had a small get together with close friends and family and Sam had his 2nd birthday cake. Lucky him eh!!

We had a great wee party in the afternoon with Sam getting far too many toys. We had to put some away for the future as the wee man is spoiled rotten. I survived with a Spoon and a Coca Cola can, so why does Sam need anything else. The Godfather Frank was on hand to give some godly advice, like "Geeze a Whisky" and "That stuff's great geeze another wan", well you have to do a power of drinking if the party is only lasting 2 hours.

Of course a big thanks to everyone that sent us a nice present for Sammy.

Another subject close to our hearts a the moment is the progress of our new hoose. It is actually starting to look like a hoose, by the end of next week it will be closed will all windows in. The builder even gave a hint today that it could be finished as early as July.....but I'm not counting my cocks (French Chicken ;-) All other house photo updates can be seen on the normal link on the right hand side.

Click here for a link to more pictures of the Party and Sam's Bday.

Hope to see many of you soon, especially with blog updates.

Del Boy