Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween At The Devil's Pad

Hi Blog Fans,

Last Saturday was another opportunity for Kevin (alias "The Devil") to have a party and he never misses an oppurchanceity for that. I felt like being under cover so did my best to cover up.

There were many games played including the old classics, I of course lost every game I play and had to take several punishment drinks which included JD and Dambuie. I ended up being a bit worse for wear and it was an experience cycling home at 05:30am. A big thanks to Sam for letting me sleep until 9am, I felt great after my 3.5 hours sleep. The Saturday just passed we head round to Pam's for some Raclette Swiss Style, Cheese, Potatoes, Onions and BEER. I was stuffed but managed to eat her Cheesecake. Sunday we relaxed and just went for a walk with Sam to check out the plot which is coming along. Remember to check out the pictures of how the house is coming along with the link on the right.

Thursday I'm off to see FC Basel v's Young Boys Bern with Kevin, that should be interesting.

This weekend is Manfi over for a visit on Saturday then Frank and Claire's for the St.Mirren vs Celtic Match.

Sam is doing great; he managed to eat a whole biscuit himself today!! Which is a big thing of course.

Click here for a link to more pictures of the Party